All Hail the Hot Dog: Part Two

One of the problems I’ve had embracing my love of hot dogs is finding the right roll. Many are too pappy, too doughy, they intrude on the basic snappy, crispness of the dog. I’ve tried many supermarket varieties and find them dull and some craft bakery rolls can be too chewy so I decided to make my own.

This is a simple, enriched dough and so follows the principles of such dough which essentially are that they are rather on the wet side when first kneaded. This extra moistness gives the yeast a more friendly environment in which to grow. As this makes the dough sticky to knead by hand I use the dough hook and my Kitchenaid.

Hamburger Buns



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One thought on “All Hail the Hot Dog: Part Two

  1. Now I have to try this recipe. I agree and find it disappointing that there are no really good burger buns/hot dog rolls in the big stores. Your dough sounds perfect. The only problem is that every food I cook from scratch ends up being far tastier than shop bought which increases my workload in the kitchen. I haven’t been able to buy a shop bought curry for years and now it’s pizza, probably the burgers buns as well as the burgers themselves.
    All worth it though, especially when it tastes so good!

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