An easy everyday loaf

I make a lot of bread, far more than two people can comfortably eat as I have an ongoing battle with sourdoughs. Sourdough breads make hard taskmasters. They demand attention, intuition, love and an even temperament. The latter essential if you are not to hurl bowls of grey smelly gloop across the kitchen in despair when after days of feeding your starter is still recalcitrant and unlikely to rise even the smallest loaf.

Yeast doughs on the other hand are wonderful, contented doughs that never fail and always yield up a deliciously light, tasty loaf.

When my husband, having battled through particularly grim loaf this week, asked if he might buy some bread I knew it was time to make a regular loaf, one that browns when you toast it, that is easy to slice and that can be made in a couple of hours.

This is it. I used a “Granary” flour which is just white bread flour with bits in it. You can use all white or half white half brown bread flour and it will still work just fine. This is my basic bread recipe so the one I use for pizza bases, flat breads and rolls. I knead in olives for olive bread and roll it around chopped nuts and cinnamon for buns.

It’s easy, it works, it taste good. Job done.

 Makes 1 loaf


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