An easy supper for a late spring evening : Rabbit with mustard and orange and almond cake

I’m trying not to give up but I can now fully appreciate just why our forefathers worshiped the sun and even why they made human sacrifices to ensure it’s return. I’m not quite at the stage yet when I’m building an alter in my garden but I have been sussing out likely candidates for the lead role, beginning with anyone who cycles on the pavement! So to cheer up this dull patch I’ve been doing quite a lot of cooking.

I recently watched Stephan Gates talking, on the new Food and Drink programme, about one of his favourite subjects, eating insects. It seems to me that whenever I see Stephan he’s extolling the virtues of a worm omelette or mealy bug sandwich!  His emphasis is always that we are running out of protein that is carbon efficient and that we must turn to bugs to add that certain something to our diets. I remain unconvinced. I am quite happy to cut down on the amount of meat I eat and I do “get” the anomaly that means I love prawns but really don’t fancy potted cockroach, but there you have it. We are programmed, by our upbringing and culture, to enjoy certain foods and worry about others. No insects for me then but the following news programme told of a worrying increase in the deer population in the U.K. which led me to thinking that there might be a more acceptable answer to the meat issue, the proliferation of wild game such as venison and rabbit.

Rabbit is one of my favourite meats: it’s inexpensive, tender, low in cholesterol ( which actually bothers me not one jot ) and can be cooked in any number of ways as it takes to sauces at treat. Quite why Stephan isn’t telling us all to eat rabbit burgers is beyond me, although I can see that might not have the same Yuk appeal! I cooked a large farmed rabbit from France as that was what my butcher had but this recipe would work just as well with young wild rabbit.

My dessert is a blood orange and almond cake. These lovely spring oranges will be available for another couple of weeks and this fresh tasting cake is a perfect pudding to follow the creamy sauce of the main dish. I served my rabbit with Pappadelle but rice of boiled potatoes would be fine.

Rabbit with Mustard


Blood Orange and Almond cake 



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2 thoughts on “An easy supper for a late spring evening : Rabbit with mustard and orange and almond cake

    1. Absolutely a slow cooker would work well. Just be sure and brown the rabbit well before transferring it to the cooker. Let me know how it goes!

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