Ember Yard, I love you.

It’s been a busy few weeks since I last posted on this site. For a start THE programme is now being shown so you all know what I did last summer…And I’ve been feverishly working to get my new book finished and proof read before I go the Seattle. But as ever I’ve been eating out, a lot, so I thought I’d do a quick round up of some of the stuff I’ve been stuffing myself with starting with…..

Ember Yard

If I say I’ve eaten here four times since it opened you might get some idea of just how much I love this place. Part of the Saltyard, group whose other restaurants I enjoy, I had high hopes but I still didn’t think it would be quite as good as it is. I’ve eaten many times at Opera Tavern loving the food but finding the space less enjoyable, Dehesa love the space, but the food whilst very good always seems a bit too costly when its time to pay, I’ve not been to Salt Yard so can’t comment on that one, but in Ember Yard I think I’ve found that great combination of space, food and most important the best Negroni.

The “Ember” in the name gives any hint you might need as to where the chef is going for his flavour palette , I’ve eaten my fill of burnt broccoli, scorched ribs and charred cheese finding all too often the taste bitter and unappetising, here the smoke, singe and char are used with a light hand and to very good effect.

There is a downstairs bar with Jamon carved in front of you, an open yet discreet kitchen upstairs, charming staff and at least one half bottle of decent white wine which, once I’ve had the obligatory cocktail, is all I can manage if I wish to exit with grace!

Have the Chiporones with capers and sage , anything grilled on a smoking piece of wood especially the anchovies, the whipped lardo that comes with a fine chop of pickled mild chilli, padron peppers if you feel the “five a day” school is calling but do not leave without eating the Ibérico Presa with jamon butter. Yes, that’s very rare pork spread with ham butter. My dish of the year so far. And for dessert the charred blood orange cheese cake.

AND you can book! Though you can also often just walk in provided it’s not a Thursday or Friday evening. Go it’s quite wonderful. This end of Berwick St will never be quite the same again!

Ember Yard

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  1. Ooh I so agree with you, Thane…we whiled away a wonderful Saturday afternoon at Ember Yard recently…Negronis are my favourite, too, and this is among the very best I’ve had. I even bought one of the spherical ice makers to try & recreate the Ember Yard experience…but no smoke! Gorgeous food, lovely staff and I so love being able to see the chefs at work..adds another dimension. And beautiful Soho just outside to wander through afterwards! Happy May! X

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