Green Bean Mimosa Salad

This pretty salad is simple to make with ingredients you will have to hand. I’m using green beans but had there been asparagus at the market I might have chosen those, especially if there were some thin sprue or wild French asparagus. The dressing is made with sherry vinegar do try this lovely full flavoured vinegar if you’ve not done so. It is matured in oak casks and has a rich colour that gives the dressing a bit of a glow. I used extra virgin olive oil but this might be a good place for an extra virgin rape seed oil. I’m not partial to the flavour of most rape seed oils but I tried one recently at the Bristol Fine Food show that pleased me. The moral being keep tasting different flavours you might be surprised.

A further note about the dressing here: you can prepare the salad unto the point that it is dressed but then finsih the dish just before serving. Any acid, be it lemon juice or vinegar, will bleach the vibrant colour from the beans.

Mimosa Salad


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3 thoughts on “Green Bean Mimosa Salad

  1. When I saw this recipe title I was expecting to see orange in the recipe. 🙂 Well, I’m a big fan of salads that include boiled egg but only a new convert to sherry vinegar. Sounds interesting with the honey. Don’t be surprised if you see a variation of this crossing my Instagram stream sometime soon. 😉

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