I know it’s been far too long……

And there are no really good excuses just a few reasons.. My home, at the moment, is a building site. I have decamped to the basement while our lovely Polish builders rip the top three floors apart replacing wiring, plumbing and plaster. I am hoping we are at the rebuilding stage now and once all this is a distant memory I’ll begin feeling human and start planning my classes.

The ongoing delight is just how much I love being back in London, so all the inconvenience is gilded by my sheer joy at living in this, soon to be lovely, house.

So I sleep on a futon in my newly remade kitchen/dining room and plan paint colours and wallpaper.

And I cook… There is something about living so close to so many markets and food shops that just makes ideas spring into your mind. I’ve been feasting on Suffolk asparagus cooked for the barest moments and then sauced with everything from melted butter and lemon juice to soft poached eggs.

But today I’m cooking for an alfresco lunch which I’m hoping will happen in my birdsong filled garden. I thought I’d miss my tame blackbird when I moved but lo and behold, I have an even tamer one here in central London.

The menu will be Jellied Ham some seared chicken breast and this dish of bake squash with feta and pumpkin seeds.

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