Not another trip!!

Cape Town this time and very good it was too. We left on the last plane out before the snow. Not entirely without incident as we stood on the runway for 2 hours having been de-iced twice . But that was all soon forgotten as we landed in 34 degree temperatures.

The sun remained shining throughout our stay and we were able to have a wonderfully relaxed time, helped no doubt by knowing just how much misery we were missing.

The food was much better this time I thought. I’ve often been quite critical of food in South Africa feeling it lack real craft and never quite understanding the concept of african time which translates to very long waits for even the simplest of dishes.

This year all was changed. We enjoyed an unprecedented level of food, and wine and the service could only have been described and both professional and joyful.

One wonderful lunch was at The Hidden Valley winery just north of Stellenbosch. We sat in dappled sunlight and ate delicious food , with views almost too beautiful to look at and were almost oblivious to the 46 degree temperature.

A truly special place. Other delicious meals were eaten at Fishermans in Kommetjie where we ate crayfish minutes out of the sea and, of course, the splendid Chapman’s Peak hotel.

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