Parmesan and Harissa Madeleines

I first tried something akin to these Madeleines in Provence. I nibbled on them whist walking through one of those beautiful sun warmed markets just looking at all the lovely food on offer and wondering just how much was too much to buy and eat that day.

The mix is a simple corn bread recipe with what ever you fancy the seasonings to be. Consider something fresh:  coriander and spring onion, some thing aged: olives, Parmesan, sundried tomatoes and something spicy: harissa or chopped chillies.

While I like to serve them warm from the oven they freeze well and so can be gently re-heated when you need them.

Parmesan and Harissa Madeleines

I love these silicon moulds they make getting the cooked madeleines out in one piece easy!



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4 thoughts on “Parmesan and Harissa Madeleines

  1. Ooh so glad you posted these as I have been thinking about savoury Madeleine’s for a while. AND i have a pot of Diana Henry inspired harrisa in the fridge

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