Pot Roast Heaven

Well pot roast beef in fact, but heavenly indeed on a glum November day.  The rediscovery of the casserole is the latest news on the food front and a pot roast is just one step further along.

I love this type of cooking as it combines so many of my favourite things: a delicious tasty meal, minimum last minute preparation and a dish that is extremely forgiving.

I have chosen beef for this recipe but the technique is the same whether you pick chicken, venison or pork. A pot roast shoulder of lamb would work just fine but I might cook that rather fatty meat open over the veg as in Lamb Boulanger to allow the skin to crisp.

The basics are a decent sized piece of meat about 2 kilos and whatever vegetables you have in the larder with a definite lean towards roots. You will need an onion or two, leeks work well especially with chicken, and some seasoning herbs. For liquid you can chose stock, or wine but I often use water, not wanting to add too many flavours to the dish.

I have a beautiful collection of cast iron casserole/cocotte dishes collected over many years and half the pleasure to me of making pot roast is being about to use one of these lovelies.

The method is simple and can be followed for which ever meat you chose, the economy is perfect, less costly joints faring best here, and any leftovers will make gorgeous hearty soups.

Beef Pot Roast

Just some of my dishes!!!

Just some of my dishes!!!


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  1. I used to eat lots of pot roasts as a child, so I have fond memories of them. Best bit is the stock you get from pot roast brisket……so delicious! Lovely collection of ovenware you have, perfect for this time of year 🙂

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