Red pepper, sausage and fennel sauce for pasta

On a cold day like today, this pasta sauce, one I first made in Italy, brings some welcome colour and heat into the kitchen. I used sausage meat and crushed fennel seeds but if you can fine coarse cut Italian sausages at your local deli so much the better. I love the flavour mix of fennel and tomatoes and often use it in salsas and chutneys, but you could substitute a fresh herb such as thyme should you prefer and a good pinch of dried chilli would not be out of place.

Serve this rustic sauce on a pasta cooked quite lightly, in Italy it would be more than al dente, and do by all means add some parmesan.

Red pepper, fennel and sausage sauce for pasta


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2 thoughts on “Red pepper, sausage and fennel sauce for pasta

  1. I do love Italian sausages and French as I much prefer the texture of them to British sausages. Much more chunky and meaty and really well seasoned too. Love Luganica particularly! What a great sounding pasta sauce and one I have not tried before. I usually make my sauce then add in the chopped cooked sausages. Will try your method now :))

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