Salted Peanut Brittle Ice Cream

I don’t often make ice cream, it’s not you understand that I don’t like ice cream rather that I like it too much. I can quite easily withstand the temptations of the type of store bought ice cream I buy for my husband but home made, egg, cream and vanilla rich ice with perhaps a touch of rum and some brown breadcrumbs folded through. No chance!  It goes straight into my mouth and from there  it’s only a short step to my hips!

I have recently been trying out a new ice cream churn that fits onto my Kitchen Aid mixer. It is in essence a heavy bowl filled with a liquid which once frozen will cause your custard to freeze as the paddle stirs the mixture.

I made several batches of salted peanut brittle at Christmas enjoying the texture you get by the inclusion of nuts to a smoother salted caramel. Adding the crushed brittle to my usual rich ice cream gives a delicious result.

A couple of things to remember keep everything clean, real custard is only lightly cooked so store the ice cream for the same length of time as you might the fresh custard. And as ever I used wonderfully rich Clarence Court Eggs!




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One thought on “Salted Peanut Brittle Ice Cream

  1. Oh I would eat far too much of this, what could be better than salted peanuts in caramel let alone in an ice cream. I have a new ice cream maker, and have tried out a few flavours so far. Now this is tempting me…….!

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