Soup for lunch

In recognition of my new iphone 4 and my enjoyment of Twitter I’m back to blogging. The phone was need for the pictures, I’m not even “No David Bailey” so I wanted a simple camera that couldn’t go wrong and that I’d carry with me everywhere.

So far I’m very pleased. I’m not looking to win prizes just try and take a few snaps and then share them.

The soup I made at my daughter Jade’s house. She wanted some help tiding the kitchen and throwing out stuff that was no longer any use. Her daughter Maisie has had a grumpy day and, at only 9 months, it’s quite tricky to work out why.

So I made soup believing that chicken soup especially makes everything better.

Maise ate most of the bowl pictured here, from my spoon! Jade had a big bowl too and now they’re both asleep.

Job done I’d say.

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