The Cookbook Club

Thane Prince’s Cookbook Club at The Drapers Arms

I am a great fan of book clubs, so a cookbook club peopled by those like myself, obsessives who talk of the next meal while eating the present one, has to be a good idea.

The club is still evolving but here is where we are so far:

We plan to meet every four to six weeks and each meeting will be themed so it might be Indian food, vegetarian, classic books or perhaps a handful of newly published books.

I’ve spoken to a couple of publishers who are happy to let us have new books to look at and review on our blogs, if you don’t have a blog it couldn’t matter less, I do want this club to be inclusive and for everyone to feel welcome.

I also hope to get authors to come and talk to the group. We, who write books, know we’re usually contracted on publication to do a series of events and our club might be one such venue.

I hope to set up a cookbook exchange or swap, I can’t be alone in having books I don’t use that others might want.Many more ides will evolve I hope, the plan is to make the club organic, fitting the needs of us members.

We’re holding our meetings upstairs at the wonderful Draper’s Arms in Barnsbury Street Islington. Transport is tube to either Angel or Highbury and Islington and a wealth of buses on Upper Street.

Nick the landlord is just the best and has offered us the room gratis so there will be no joining fees, attendance fees or any other charges and you can come to all or any of the meetings. We will no doubt want to lubricate the evening and I think the simplest way might be for each of us to put £10 into a kitty to provide wine, beer soft drinks etc. and work out what to do when that runs out.

The pub has a splendid kitchen so snacks etc. are readily available but I think we might also want to cook something and bring it along. This would not be compulsory nor, I stress, competitive but it might be nice to pick something transportable, that will sit happily under your desk for others to try.

The first three dates are June 19th, July 30th and September 4th we will start at 7pm but the joy of the venue is if you’re early you can have a drink in the lovely garden if you’re late just join in.The club is open to anyone so do bring friends if they have lively minds, love food and wine and enjoy a gossip. Oh and whilst it would seem, by those that have enquired, that we will mainly be women naturally men are welcome too.

Any questions my email is below

See you on the 19th when the theme will be “The book I use the most”.  Good luck with that!


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5 thoughts on “The Cookbook Club

  1. I do wish I could join in with your cook book club and I did think it might be possible but South East Surrey to North London doesn’t really work but I do hope you write about it here, it would be great to see who joins in. Enjoy it!

    1. I’m so sorry it’s too far! Carla wants me to do one in Rome but I’m hoping to post some of the views and gossip so that will have to do for the moment. Perhaps next year….

  2. Hello are you by any chance still running this and open to new members?! I am afraid I’m not a blogger or food writer though, I just love new cookbooks!

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