What’s in my store cupboard

Dry goods:

Pasta and noodles
Tagliatelli or spaghetti
Lasagna sheets
Thai rice noodles
Chinese rice noodles
Japanese soba noodles

Bulgar wheat, couscous, polenta , quinoa
Rice: basmati, wild rice, long grain, Arborio or Vialone Nano risotto rice, Valencia rice, pudding rice.
Beans and other pulses:
Chick peas, barlotti beans, cannelli beans, butter beans, green or puy lentils. Red kidney

Plain white, wholemeal, Granary, a wheat/gluten free mix, cornflour  and polenta
Castor, granulated, raw muscavado, molasses , icing and unrefined white sugar

Biscuits and crackers:
Amoretti, gingernuts, sponge fingers
Tortillas, popadoms corn chips

Cereals , seeds and nuts:
Oats jumbo and fine ground
Linseed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame , poppy seeds

Sundried vegetables and fruits:

Tomatoes, chillies
Prunes apricots, dates, raisins.

Sundried Tomatoes in olive oil, artichoke hearts, grilled vegetables in olive oil
Sauces: porchini, aubergine, pesto
Fruits in syrup or brandy:Cherries, peaches apricots
A couple of jars of good, ready made spaghetti sauce
Good mayonnaise
Mustards: Dijon and wholegrain
Anchovies in oil
Capers, both small and the large caper berries
Cornichons or small gerkins.
Fermented black beans


Beans: cannelli, chick peas, red kidney beans baked beans
Italian Tomatoes whole peeled, diced, tomato puree
Beef consommé
Coconut milk and coconut cream
Tinned pineapple and tinned peaches
Condensed milk
Goose fat

Sardines French or Spanish in olive oil
Tuna Spanish or Italian in olive oil
Mackerel fillets in oil
Anchovies in oil

A good selection of whole spices

Oils, vinegars  and sauces
Extra virgin olive oil + estate bottled extra virgin oil
A light tasting oil, I favour groundnut oil
Sesame oil
Argon oil
Red and white wine vinegars
Rice wine vinegar
Cider vinegar
Distilled malt vinegar
Aged balsamic a real Italian one aged about 8 years

Tabasco  and or other chilli sauces
Thai fish sauce
Japanese soy sauce light dark and wheat free
Liquid stock concentrate: chicken and vegetable

Salt and pepper

Coarse rock salt
Fine sea salt
Maldon salt or fleur de mere
Whole black pepper corns
Dried green pepper corns
Green peppercorns in brine

Pickles and jams.
Red currant jelly
A good clear honey
A couple of jars of preserves or jams
Pickled onions
Mint jelly
Horseradish sauce

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