Big Allotment Challenge : Green Pea Dip

Tonight on The Big Allotment Challenge I’ve asked the gardeners to make a dip with the peas they’ve grown for Jim Butress. I’m quite hard to please, as you may have noticed, but I love food and want it to be as fresh and as good as possible. I’m giving a recipe for my green pea dip here, it’s made from frozen peas at this time of year and you’ll probably have them in your freezer, most of the other ingredients are ones you can find in the kitchen. Make substitutions if you’ve not got exactly what I say: creme fraiche or soured cream can be used in place of the yogurt and Tabasco can replace the red chilli.

It takes about 5 minutes to knock up and will be the perfect thing to eat while you’re watching. I hope you enjoy the show.


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