Cheese Straws

Easy to make and everyones favourite nibble at parties cheese straws are robust enough to stand up to the most highly spiced mulled wine. The secret to a great cheese straw is to use masses of really tasty cheese. You can spread the pastry with mustard before scattering on the cheese if you fancy the idea, or even some fairly smooth chutney.

I’ve given a recipe for pastry here but if you can buy a good ready made one fee free to use it, after all it’s Christmas!

Cheese Straws


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3 thoughts on “Cheese Straws

  1. I love the cheese twist!!!…your recipe and your pics!!!Wanna make it for Christmas, hope to be succesful:)I'll let you know!xxAlessandraRadical Dining Society

  2. Thanks Laura and Alessandra I'm flattered by your comments. Love the idea of black olive perhaps as tappanade Laura.Hope you made the straws Alessandra. Happy New Year to youo both

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