Seriously sticky, hot and sweet spare ribs

Twitter is full of talk about a hot new restaurant that has opened in Newberg Street just next to and parallel with Carnaby St, a street undergoing something of a renaissance at the moment. The whole area has become brighter as Regents Street regenerates and there are many really good places to eat. Among my favourites are Polpo and Brindisa and now the one that has everybody tweeting Pitt Cue Co. Surprisingly this is a pit barbecue restaurant, here, close to Liberty’s and only a 5 minute walk from the glories of Bond Street!

I haven’t manage to eat there yet but I’ve been yearning for pulled pork and smoky ribs since I first heard of Pitt Cue Co!!

Waitrose sell very reasonably priced racks of baby back ribs. They are part of their Essentials range and come from high welfare British pork. So I decided to make my own.

The marinade is a mix of many things you’ll find in the store cupboard but feel free to make substitutions if you can’t find the exact match. When I lived in the USA I would also add liquid smoke for the authentic smoky flavour but I’m told it’s full of additives so now I leave it out.

I always make a big batch of ribs and freeze some of them as they do take a while to cook and freeze well.

Oven baked spare ribs


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4 thoughts on “Seriously sticky, hot and sweet spare ribs

  1. I do love my baby back ribs and often buy them from my local butchers. Didn’t realise Waitrose sold them! I normally follow a Bill Granger recipe for my ribs, but your recipe does sound good too. I love the way that good meat restaurants seem to be coming back into fashion in all shapes & form…..wonder where the veggies are going!

  2. Love this recipe, I have been using since I cut out the recipe in the Telegraph, years ago, nice to know that I can now access your recipes on line, especially now I am living in France

  3. Where can I find a copy of your fabulous sticky barbecued spare ribs recipe which are cooked in the oven in their marinade. I had cut out copy from the telegraph built have mislaid it.

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